Monday, April 23, 2012

Bear, and snakes and spider...Oh My!

People often ask us if they need to be concerned about dangerous wildlife encounters. Although potentially dangerous animals and insects are present in many of the locations we explore... they are generally not interested in us! We have been fortunate to have many great wildlife sightings at a safe distance.

We take precautions at our campsites to keep wildlife away, such as packing up all of our food and equipment when it is recommended by the park service. We'll warn you about what creatures you may encounter out on the trail, and what to do if you have an encounter. We will encourage you to adhere to proper distance recommendations set forth by the parks too. In certain locations such as Yellowstone and Glacier, you will be encouraged not to hike alone.

We cannot guarantee that you will or won't have an encounter with elk, deer, moose, or even a bear. It's best to remember that all wildlife is just that, wild and unpredictable. Keep your distance, be aware of your surroundings out on the trail, and you will be just fine!


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